DigitalPro CRM Description

A CRM is essential to any business looking to grow. Although to truly make it a success a CRM needs to work alongside other key business solutions. DigitalPro CRM goes beyond.

With DigitalPro CRM you get a feature-rich CRM combined with best-in-class sales & marketing functionality. You’re able to follow the customer’s journey from the very beginning – the first moment they visit your website or phone your sales. All the information gathered goes towards creating a profile, enabling you to establish a better understanding of what they are looking for and to then target them appropriately.

Highly detailed information allows sales teams to see which prospects are ready to buy and those contacts who may need further nurturing by using powerful lead scoring functionality.
Send out effective digital marketing campaigns using email marketing and monitor the success of your campaigns with website performance analytics. To assist along with your marketing campaigns, the integrated CRM gathers information from your website, SMS, calls and much more.

Monitor the results of various areas of your business using the unique reporting functionality within DigitalPro CRM. Keep on top of agent’s performance, marketing campaigns and sales forecasts.

DigitalPro CRM Description

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